Leap Confronting Conflict

10th July 2023

A Leap Confronting Conflict mentor mid conversation with a participant

The Wasps Legends Charitable Foundation provided a grant of £2,500 to support Leap Confronting Conflict in delivering their life-changing programmes.

Conflict is a part of everyday life. When conflict is navigated well, it helps us to form healthy relationships and to make a positive impact on the individuals and communities around us. Leap teach people that conflict is an opportunity to learn, to change and to grow.

Ana Atherton, Major Giving & Corporate Manager at Leap said:

"Leap Confronting Conflict (Leap) is delighted to have received the support of the Wasps Legends Charitable Foundation. The grant of £2,500 has helped Leap to deliver life-changing programmes and provide young people with the tools to navigate conflict in their lives, foster healthy relationships, make positive decisions and inspire self-growth."