Star Scheme

10th July 2023

A Star Scheme participant post rugby session led by Star Scheme

Star* Scheme make a difference in the lives of young people who are suffering or have suffered multiple adverse childhood experiences (ACEs), poverty or mental health issues, across the UK, through partnering with junior rugby clubs, professional rugby clubs and schools.

Star Scheme fund kit and subs for the child and transport for the whole family, and provide training on ACEs and their impact to the existing junior club volunteer network such that they can deliver a consistent experience for the children.

Star have experienced remarkable results in the first one and a half seasons that they have been in operation: an average 200% increase across the personal and rugby-related individual ‘targets’ in the children’s Player Development Plans; an expansion from 2 to over 30 junior clubs and 5 Premiership clubs engaged in the scheme in the last 6 months. And since they are building on the existing volunteer network, the cost of delivery is incredibly low: the current average is approximately £450 per child/family for an entire year.