£25,000 Provided to the School of Hard Knocks

13th March 2024

School of Hard Knocks Image

We are delighted to announce that we have provided £25,000 to the School of Hard Knocks.

This is the second instalment of our main grant to SOHK. In year one, the initial grant was used across their schools throughout the UK to help secure the delivery of the wider programme, alongside other funding.

SOHK have had a busy and successful academic year, that was engaging, interactive and challenging, with a primary focus on young person's mental health awareness and development of personal resilience and coping strategies.

Weekly rugby session have allowed their coaches to develop players understanding of the game and the confidence of the students has grown enormously as they improve.

We are exceptionally excited to see School of Hard Knocks continue to build on this with their second installment of our main grant.